Tial S605 and 770R Turbo Kit

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After years of engineering and testing, the Tial 605 and 770 turbo kits are finally available in a complete package. 

These are not kits that require headers or new manifolds, this is a bolt in kit for factory turbos, and actually a much easier installation than even K04's.  Offering a safe capacity of up to more than double what K03 turbos can do (in 770R form), this turbo kit can easily be pushed to 600+ crank HP in the case of the S605, and more than 750+ crank HP in the 770R.  As a bonus, due to the highly efficient dual ball bearing center section (in the case of the 770R) and custom Tial engineered compressor wheels in both, the turbos offer completely reasonable levels of lag, typically coming on hard boost by 3300rpm and 4000rpm respectively.  As a side note, to reduce cost, the S605 turbos are journal bearing, the same as the OEM turbos.