JE Forged 3.0L Stroker Piston Set

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JE stroker pistons when combined with a 3.0L crankshaft increase the engine displacement of a 2.7T 30V to 3.0L. The added displacement bumps horsepower and torque, faster turbo spool, increased engine response and improved out of boost power. Gain the edge on your high powered engine for road race, drag race, or full out competition racing!

Product Features

• Takes Audi 2.7T engine to 3.0L

• Increase horsepower and torque

• Spool larger frame turbos faster

• More engine power out of boost

• Less chance of cylinder detonation

• Includes JE Pro Seal piston rings

• Includes wrist pins and pin locks

• No dish deburring or preparation needed

• Individually prepared inspection report of dimensional conformity

• Each piston individually serialized for complete trace-ability

• 23-point post-production inspection conducted by certified personnel

• Tighter tolerances on 14 critical areas of the piston

• All critical surfaces machined in dedicated Critical Manufacturing Cell