IE VW/AUDI DSG (DQ250) Transmission Tune | Fits VW MK6 GTI, Jetta, GLI, & Audi 8J TTS

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  • Lightning fast gear shifts
  • Higher shift points of 6800 RPM
  • Kick down in manual mode eliminated
  • Lag time reduced when starting off in first gear
  • Multiple launch RPMs: 3200, 3400, 3600, 3800, 4000
  • Drive shift mapping entirely reworked with an enthusiast in mind
  • Flashed directly through OBD-II Port (No TCU removal required)
  • Works flawlessly with an IE ECU tune
  • Increased clutch pressure on tap for higher torque without slip
  • Temperature protection remains for safety
  • Gear hunting reduced
  • Gearbox “Torque Limiters” removed