IE Recirculating Catch Can Universal Fitment

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This IE Catch Can is the perfect base for setting up your own recirculating catch can system to prevent crankcase oil fumes from condensing and filling your intake piping, turbo piping, intercooler, intake manifold, and breather system. IE's state of the art Recirculating Catch Can is a must for easy maintenance of your performance engine.


Completely universal for any engine
Baffle system catches all oil blow-by
O-ring sealed for odorless operation
Choice of straight or 90-degree mounting bracket
Recirculating can keeps all OE systems
High flow 1/2" NPT inlet/outlet
No welds make for a fully serviceable can
Easy bottom mount drain plug
Black anodized sleek and stealthy finish


An IE catch can is a must for anyone looking to prevent crankcase oil blow-by and fumes from condensing and filling your turbo piping, intercooler, and intake manifold. The IE recirculated catch can is designed to catch all of the oil fumes and gunk omitted from the factory engine breather systems. This not only removes the blow-by oil and build-up, but will greatly help reduce oil buildup in the intake system, valves, combustion chamber, vacuum system, and PCV hoses which relate to power loss and poor drivability.


The Integrated Engineering billet recirculating catch can feature our state-of-the-art baffle system. This baffle allows crankcase pressure to flow through the catch can while oil is separated and stays behind. This design separates more oil than the traditional catch can designs and keeps the liquid in the chamber and out of your engine intake and breather system. This sleek catch can is fully serviceable, easily disassembling if needed. Draining the catch can is simple with the use of a bottom mounted drain plug (no-tool t handle drain sold separately). Using our recirculating catch can, you are not required to remove any of the emissions systems or vent the catch can to the atmosphere, which can cause oil mist build-up in your engine bay. It simply installs into your factory breather system after the breather ports and before a recirculation port that goes back to the inlet. This beautiful can is finished with a bright black anodize finish, which maintains a stealthy appearance while looking great in your engine bay.