IE Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake

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Add power, performance, and style to your VW MK7 GTI/Golf R or Audi A3/S3 engine bay with IE’s Carbon Fiber Intake System.  The IE exclusive Sound Door allows for custom adjustment of your intake volume. Exceeding the stock airbox flow by over 15% results in an impressive gain of 10-15 horsepower!

  • Autoclaved high-quality gloss carbon fiber construction
  • Sound Door customizes sound levels to suit your personal taste
  • Increased throttle response
  • Internal velocity stack with 5-inch inlet increases flow into the inlet pipe and turbocharger
  • Massive conical filter results in higher flow
  • 45-degree filter angle results in higher flow than straight or perpendicular filter locations  
  • Water drain provision keeps your airbox dry following rain and cars washes
  • Optimized air inlet duct allows for maximum intake air flow while still allowing engine bay cooling
  • Undergoes thorough appearance and fitment quality control processes